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Support the #StopPushbacks initiative via a crowdfunding campaign.

#StopPushbacks is a collective of civil society organisations, artists and activists to create more awareness in Europe about the inhumane and illegal pushbacks happening at Europe`s border via a set of actions such as an art exhibition, public art event, open letter, petition and advocacy.

Art Exhibition and Panel at the Chapel for Europe We are organising an art exhibition and a panel to draw the attention of European decision-makers and the European public to the inhumane and illegal pushbacks at the Turkish - Greek borders.

To be able to organise the art exhibition and the panel,

  • We need € 15.000 for the logistics and artistic services.

  • The funds will go to pay those service bills. If there are remaining amounts, they will be used for other activities of the project.

The Impact on EU decision-makers We think that the #Pushbacks problem is a European issue and it can be solved on the European level. That is why we targeted our activities on European institutions, civil society and the public.

Potential Exhibition in Other European Capitals If the project receives enough funding from contributors, the art exhibition and other activities can be organised in other European capitals such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, etc.

Other Ways You Can Help You can also support this initiative by sharing the word on social media. You can use the hashtag #StopPushbacks and tag your European Parliamentarian.

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